With the government firmly focused on the environment and the impact industry has on it, owners and operators of any refrigeration equipment, including air conditioning, are faced with ever changing legislation. At MTX we are highly experienced in guiding you through these complex issues.

R22 Phase Out

The Environmental Protection (Controls on Ozone Depleting Substances) Regulations 2002 ban the use of virgin R22 refrigerant from the end of 2009. Recycled R22 can continue to be used until the end of 2014 when any work on R22 systems will be prohibited, however the gas and replacement parts are expensive and in very limited supply.

F-Gas Regulations

FGAS CertificationIntroduced in July 2007 following the Kyoto Protocol, the legislation requires the owners and operators of refrigerant based systems to take steps to eliminate the emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (HFCs). These include all the commonly used refrigerant gases such as: R134a, R407C, R410A and R404A etc, used in air conditioning, fridges and freezers.

Refcom. F Gas Certified All systems containing more than 3kg of refrigerant must have a minimum of one maintenance inspection and leak test every year and ensure accurate records are kept of all such inspections. This is also good practice for smaller systems to keep them operating correctly. Inspections and testing on larger equipment containing over 3kg should be carried out every 6 months with systems containing over 30kg being checked at least 4 times a year or more frequently as is deemed necessary.

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