Controlled Atmosphere Machinery

CO2, N2 and Pressure all taken care of...

CO2 Scrubber

The twin-bed CO2 Adsorber achieves controlled CO2 at guaranteed low and ultra-low Oxygen levels without the use of extra N2 supply. Our CO2 scrubbers have many possibilities for the regulation of the desired controlled atmosphere environment.

N2 Generator

Our N2 generator has a unique concept for generation by means of a special type of active carbon. The N2 scrubber consists of a solid frame, a two vessel system with active carbon, vacuum pump, a low pressure air blower, control valves and a switchboard. The unit is complete with an intelligent control system ensuring that N2 is produced with a high purity level whilst minimising energy consumption using ambient air from within the store. The purity of the N2 produced is variable.

Pressure Valve

The pressure valve protects against over pressure or under pressure within the CA Store. The under/over pressure valve opens when an under/over pressure is detected. High pressure differences occur for example during specific weather conditions or high cooling activities.

To ensure the room environment is maintained by reducing activation of the pressure valves we offer air-buffers to stabilise air volume changes between the room and external atmosphere.

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