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Controlled atmosphere (CA Storage) is used to extend the storage life of seasonal and perishable fresh produce by delaying natural ripening.

This process is initially achieved by reducing the temperature of the product to the lowest level possible without causing chilling injury. At this point the controlling of the atmosphere can be commenced.
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The ambient air we breathe contains 21% O2 and 0.03% CO2

In a gas tight store, where natural respiration is carefully controlled, the O2 level will gradually decrease and the CO2 level will gradually increase. The rapid and precise control of the O2 will hugely contribute to fruit quality ensuring the respiration rate is reduced quickly. An N2 generator can be used to achieve efficient and economical pull down of O2.

The increased level of CO2 will support the reduction in fruit respiration. High levels of CO2 can damage stored produce so we employ low-oxygen, twin bed CO2 adsorbers carefully specified to achieve correct CO2 levels with minimal heat/Oxygen transfer.

Optimum CA conditions vary dependant on the product stored. MTX are able to provide a solution which is optimum for the fruit and individual variety.

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