During 2012 MTX were awarded a number of projects for Univeg in Spalding including the installation of a new external chiller and buffer vessel and a contract to supply and replace the doors of 10 No. Ripening Rooms.

New external chiller and buffer vessel

In early January 2012 MTX were awarded the project to install an additional 250kw external chiller unit responsible for cooling the chilled water to the entire site. To facilitate the installation, MTX were required to modify the existing main chilled water pipework in the external plant area. As part of this project MTX were also contracted to install a new 4000 litre fully sealed chilled water buffer vessel with a new main variable speed twin head pump to ensure required water pressures were met.

The key to the project was planning and timing as the modifications to the existing main chilled water pipework required the system to be drained which meant that, during this period, the warehouse had to operate without chilled water for cooling. In order to minimise the installation time on site, a detailed site survey of the existing main chiller water pipework was undertaken with scaled CAD drawings produced which enabled MTX to pre-fabricate the new sections of main chilled water pipework prior to the project going live. The new plant set up was fully interfaced with the existing site controls system, which gave the client more flexibility and control over the site.

Despite weather conditions dropping below freezing at times during the project, MTX managed the installation of the new system over a 2-week period, with only 4 days down time for the facility.

Door Replacement

Due to the success of the above project, in October 2012 MTX were invited to tender for, and subsequently awarded the contract, to remove 20 existing hinged floor to ceiling doors and replace them with 10 large bespoke gas tight automatic doors.

The original ripening rooms had two doors servicing each room but the newly installed MTX doors replaced these doors with one large automatic gas tight roller shutter. Therefore extensive structural modifications had to be made to widen the original door openings.

Running concurrently with this work, MTX were also contracted to de-commission outdated humidity systems in all 10 rooms and replace with new steam generated electrode boiler humidity systems to provide much greater operational efficiency.

The entire project was undertaken within a fully operational depot over a five-week period therefore extreme consideration had to be taken in relation to health and safety and infection control. Furthermore in order to keep disruption to an absolute minimum precise project planning and co-ordination was essential and as such the entire scheme was phased to allow the facility to continue their day-to-day operations.

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