S.H. Pratt new Banana Ripening Facility

MTX were solely responsible for this project from conception to completion, the project brief was to fit-out an existing unit with a new banana ripening facility able to ripen 480 tonnes per cycle with the view for future expansion. The new facility was to include a Holding Area, Packing Area, Quality Control Office, Plant Room and Banana Ripening Rooms.

We constructed ten 36 pallet two tier and two 60 pallet three tier ripening rooms all fitted with the unique MTX pallet sealing system along with our reversible airflow ensures uniform ripening. All ripening rooms also fitted with a fan inverter drive, giving us variable airflow and reduced energy consumption.

The cooling media for the site is chilled water, the chilled water system comprises of 3no. 250kW free-cooling chillers controlled from a central sequence control panel, this allowing the client close efficient control of there plant. Alongside this we have installed an MTX Plant Visor, which via the internet gives you access to view the status of chilled water plant at anytime.

Our in house project team were responsible for the full design, installation and commissioning package of the mechanical, electrical and refrigeration services. The installation conforms to all current legislations.

The new facility was fully operational within an 18 week programme, completed in September 2007

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