Mack Multiples

In March 2011 MTX were awarded the project at Mack Multiples Ltd, Bishops Stortford, which comprised the construction of 10No. new two-tier Banana ripening rooms and upgrade of their existing packhouse facility. The site was a 'live' facility with MTX working closely with the client so that normal day to day operations could continue unaffected whilst the extensive expansion works progressed.

By mid April works on site were underway with the entire facility being internally lined with insulated panel to create a large open area suitable to maintain a controlled environment. Within this space 10No. ripening rooms were constructed to provide capacity for the simultaneous ripening of 168 pallets of bananas. Improvement works to the packhouse consisted of installing temperature control equipment in the form of ceiling mounted dual discharge evaporators, forming protective curbing and pedestrian walkways, additional electrical supplies, loading platform complete with hydraulic dock leveller and provision of new washing facilities.

The mechanical infrastructure for the new facility had been established in 2007 when MTX carried out Phase 1 of the works with the construction of the first five ripening rooms at the facility. This meant that mains chilled water pipework was suitably positioned to ease the extension of the system to serve the new ripening rooms and pack house. A control system was provided to allow the monitoring and control of individual ripening rooms and the pack house from both local touch screen controllers, and via a central PC within the facility manager's office.

A new air-cooled chiller was installed to supplement the existing plant and allow for the additional capacity, with the unit being craned into position on a plant base which again had been installed in readiness as part of the Phase 1 works.

A particularly challenging aspect of the project was that the electrical infrastructure to the facility was inadequate to satisfy the increased services load. Therefore under a separate contract, MTX oversaw the installation of a new high voltage supply to the site, including the installation of a new sub-station and oil cooled transformer, installation of high voltage cabling from the industrial estate boundary and upgrade of electrical distribution equipment within the facility itself.

Given that our client was committed to commence a new ripening contract in September of that year, it was imperative that all the upgrade works were concluded prior to that date to allow the new facility to be brought online.

MTX completed the project in good time with the clients project team and facility users extremely pleased with the new facility.

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