Grapes Direct Cold Store Facility

Installation of a New Chilled Store and Mezzanine Floor complete with Fork Lift Charge Area.

Mtx Contracts completed the installation of a new cold store facility that will increase the capacity to a further 163 pallets. This is an extension to the facility which is already one of the largest cold store facilities within the United Kingdom.
The new area has been constructed using 150mm PIR composite panels along with 150mm mineral fibre panels that have formed the new fork lift charge area. Above the new charge area, we have installed a mezzanine floor area that is capable of holding a further twenty pallets of packaging materials which has also freed up much needed floor space for fresh produce.

The design and installation of these areas has been undertaken by our in house team, including all mechanical and electrical works. Cooling to this area is via an existing chilled water system that was extended as part of the installation.

The new cold store facility was operational by the end of January 2007.

The project was such a success that we are now proposing a new scheme to install an additional mezzanine at the other end of the warehouse, giving a further 50 additional pallet spaces.

Enlarge project images