Fyffes Banana Ripening Rooms

14 Banana Ripening Rooms, ripening an additional 756 tonnes of bananas per cycle.Installation of Fourteen 54 Pallet Three Tier Pressurised Banana Ripening Rooms

We completed the construction of fourteen 54 pallet three tier banana pressurized ripening rooms in December 2006, the rooms were installed and commissioned alongside a fully operational depot at Fyffes Basingstoke.

This facility allows Fyffes to ripen an additional 756 tonnes of bananas per cycle, with the existing single and two tier rooms the full site capacity has been increased to a total of 2148 tonnes per cycle.

With the increased capacity the existing chilled water plant had to be reviewed, the outcome was that the existing 400kW Daikin chiller was de-commissioned and two 750kW free-cooling Airedale chillers installed. The free-cooling allows the client to benefit from external ambient conditions, if the ambient air falls below 7°C a valve is opened by-passing the inlet water through a free-cooling coil which is exposed to the ambient air cooling the water before the evaporator. Lower the ambient conditions the greater advantage of free-cooling reducing the load on the chillers compressors.

Other energy management systems we have installed on this project are a chiller sequence control system, refrigeration saving modules and fan inverter drives, these all contribute to the efficient operation of our ripening system, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

The entire design, installation and commissioning, including the mechanical and electrical are managed in house and the project was handed over in time. As all major projects timely completion of the project was vitally important as this was key to the clients operational requirements over the 2006 Christmas period.

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