MTX Tropical Ripening Systems

Tropical and exotic fruits are becoming increasingly more popular with many varieties of fruits being widely distributed across supermarkets. Compared to more popular fruits, exotic fruits command a much higher price therefore ensuring uniform ripening of these products is essential to allow technologists to have complete control of the fruits throughout the ripening process.

The MTX Tropical Ripening system, which evolved out of the widely established MTX Banana Ripening System, overcomes many pitfalls of traditional ripening processes to ensure tropical fruit ripening continuity.

MTX Tropical Ripening System

Historically, large discrepancies and fluctuations would occur between colour stages in the various boxes due to poor air circulation which could potentially have damaging affects on product resale. With the MTX Tropical Ripening Room, users are now able to accurately control the rate of respiration and subsequent ripening of the complete pallet stack as a single entity.

System features and options include random access which allows operators to ripen and chill individual pallets to suit their own requirements. Individual access to each and every pallet can be achieved via forklift truck.

Case Study. Installation of two, 3 tier tropical ripening rooms and a blast chiller.

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