Advantages of MTX Ripening Rooms

The MTX patented ripening system combines economy and performance ensuring the maximum quantity of air is forced to pass through the product contributing to uniform product ripening, minimal shrinkage and maximum shelf life.

"RMS" Ripening management system

The RMS is the brand new state of the art control system developed and exclusive to MTX. Working with end users the control system has been designed to ensure secure access to a range of functions, all of which can be accessed via a touch screen computer . The display at low level provides a tidy hygienic user friendly ripening control system that has additional network and remote internet access functions which is available to ripeners worldwide.

"Climate friendly"

Over the years MTX have carried out extensive research ensuring that our system is as efficient in operation as possible to allow our clients gain maximum payback. In comparison to a number of other ripening systems, we have found that in operation our systems operate upto 30% more efficient. Not only do our clients gain by saving but help to reduce unwanted excessive carbon emissions which damage the environment.

Case Study. Installation of new cold storage facility.

"Cost effective maintenance"

Our unique air distribution system is situated in a plenum integral to the ripening room. This is accessed via a roof mounted service hatch. The system ensures maintenance can be carried out safely and with NO disruption to the fruit pallet-even when the room is fully loaded. As there are no unsightly airbags or tarpaulins requiring costly maintenance, on going service costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

"Easy load"

Available in single, two and three tier configurations, the MTX system has been designed to make loading and unloading a simple and as quick as possible, with NO airbags or tarpaulins to hinder this once time consuming process.

"Part load"

MTX were the pioneers of part loading. By the flick of a switch, you are able to isolate pallets spaces from the ripening process, ensuring air pressure is uniformly maintained. This eliminates short circuiting and subsequent pressure losses from other pallet spaces.

"Variable Flow"

A recent introduction to the system aimed at benefiting both the ripening process, giving total control and reducing carbon emissions is the new variable flow system. All ripeners know that vent sizes within boxes vary dependent on origin. Why run fans at full bore when it is not required ? Ripeners are now able to pre determine the volume of air flow in circulation subsequently maximising efficiency of the process.

The MTX ripening room gives you total control ensuring you continue to meet your customer demands.

MTX... Engineering your ripening success!!

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