MTX Rapid Cooler

The MTX Rapid Cooler is a relatively new addition to our product range and is based on the MTX Banana Ripening System. The key to our system is Airflow. By ensuring high humidity and variable temperature air distribution across the pallet, we are able to ensure chilling continuity.

We have introduced additional cooling capacity and fan power to cope with additional demands required to reduce the core temperature of the product in a reduced time. This system produces overwhelming results ensuring minimal weight loss, maximum freshness and shelf life.

System features and options include random access which allows operators to ripen and chill individual pallets to suit their own requirements. Individual access to each and every pallet can be achieved via forklift truck.

To eliminate dehydration the MTX Rapid Cooler introduces a high humidity atmosphere designed to neutralise the drying effect of refrigeration air enabling living fresh produce to re-hydrate and regain moisture lost since harvest.

Case Study. Installation of two pressurised ripening rooms and one blast chiller.

MTX Rapid Cooler Room Tropical Fruit Ripening Systems MTX Rapid Cooler