Controlled Atmosphere – The Store

100% gas-tight CA environments

Controlled atmosphere stores are constructed to a high standard where it is crucial that they are 100% gas tight to ensure that a low oxygen atmosphere can be sustained for extensive periods.

MTX design and build CA Stores to meet our client's exact requirements. We will work with the project team to ensure specific operational requirements are achieved.

Controlled atmosphere stores are constructed using the same products as a traditional store, however, as they are completely gas tight, specific attention to detail is required to the individual joints where specialist tapes and coatings are applied to ensure absolute integrity.

MTX install specialist doors of rigid construction to ensure a complete seal around the perimeter of the frame. Various options are available for Vertical and Horizontal access including perimeter clamps to ensure further and complete integrity.

Critical to the success of a controlled atmosphere store is the refrigeration plant, which can be either central plant or stand alone system. We work with the end user to ensure the exact design requirements are achieved, especially considering field heat reduction periods in addition to ensuring energy consumption is minimised, allowing a greater return on investment. We are able to offer various types of either direct or indirect refrigeration systems.

Our CA stores incorporate carefully designed features including produce sampling access panels, pressure relief devices, secondary and store testing valves.

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Controlled Atmosphere – The Store Controlled Atmosphere – The Store Controlled Atmosphere – The Store More images in the MTX Gallery